A Kid’s Guide to the Weirdest Town in Texas

Austin_Barton Springs

My friend and graphic designer Virginia Shurgar Hassell have been working on a new travel guide about Austin for kids. It will look very much like our first collaboration, Paris When It Giggles, but this time around we’re targeting the book to kids. This little vignette about Barton Springs is one of 30-36 we’ll include about a variety of fun places for kids to visit in the weirdest town in Texas.

I think it’s turning out really well, but would be grateful for feedback. Is this the kind of thing you might buy for your own kids if you were visiting Austin? Does it have info you think they’d have fun and engage with, as well as enough nuts and bolts to help you make a memorable trip to Barton Springs happen?

As for “extras” in the guide, would it be helpful to have (for example) sample itineraries, a list of books, music and movies; and a calendar of local events?

All suggestions welcome!

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