Paris With a Five Year Old

My husband is from The Netherlands, which means we have to budget in travel to Europe if we want to see his family. And because we do want to see his family, we have “vacationed” in Molenhoek, a small village just outside Nijmegen near the Dutch-German border, about once a year since Jasper moved to the U.S. back in the mid-90s. While it’s always fun to go to Holland, in many ways it’s not so different from visiting my own family in East Texas, so whenever possible we schedule side trips to bring an element of adventure to our family visit. This year, we were lucky enough to spend a week over Christmas with the Familie Smits then travel with our five-year-old daughter to Paris for New Year’s Eve. We had a blast and found Paris to be very family friendly. We just got back a week ago today, and it’s already hard to believe we actually had so many incredible experiences.

If you travel to Paris with a five year old…

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13 thoughts on “Paris With a Five Year Old

  1. I loved reading your Paris with a five-year-old blog. I’ve been to France 3 times but my children, who were young teenagers then, never wanted to come. I guess at 5, your daughter didn’t have a choice. She’s a lucky girl! And she makes a Parisian photo even prettier.

    • No, they have never had any desire to go to another country, especially one where they won’t understand the language. Their father has the same fear, and has never accompanied me to France even though I speak French. I enjoyed your photos; it was almost as good as being there… Thanks.

  2. Jill,

    I love how you capture so many details, from stealing bites of pain au chocolat (SP???) to the unruly fog that kept you all from seeing much of the panorama and the little TinTin figurine that gets lost. What fun it would be to go on a trip with you, though I imagine few of us could keep up with the pace of your family. Stella has an incredible amount of energy and curiosity! After pics of so many family trips at beaches with children her age, it’s refreshing to see children becoming explorers of urban areas and museums. What’s the next adventure??


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